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Technical Illustration and Graphic Design

   Training manuals - James Walker Engineering

   Schematic diagrams - Aecom


   Character Design - Powertrax


   Carbon comparison graphic - Low Carbon Lymm

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We mix high quality computer imagery with creative graphic design flair to produce compelling visuals.
We have produced training manuals, product demonstration videos and even a graphic to show the effect of different bulbs in the Chrismas decorations in Lymm village

This was a graphic designed to demonstrate the actual relative volumes of carbon required to run the Christmas lights in Lymm village. The campaign group, Low Carbon Lymm, used the image to justify the change to LED lighting.

We designed and produced a fully rigged CG model of the 'Powertrax' concept character for video game production.

Aecom required a series of graphics to clearly demonstrate a complex process. They required something more engaging and creative than the usual Excel/Powerpoint stock graphics and were very pleased with what we supplied.

James Walker Engineering - A series of instructional brochures for use by plant engineers. James Walker is a world-class engineering company at the forefront of fluid seal development and materials science.
Our graphics were based on hand drawn sketches supplied by the company.